Recall’s Second Tier Program for Minority and Women Owned Businesses exists to maximize opportunities for MBEs and WBEs to participate as suppliers of products and services to Recall. The Second Tier Program serves as an enhancement to, and not as a replacement for, existing efforts aimed at increasing meaningful opportunities for MBEs and WBEs to participate as First Tier Suppliers.

Suppliers must report the amount of money spent on behalf of Recall (Tier II direct) with minority-owned, and woman-owned businesses. When direct subcontracting to diverse businesses is not practical, suppliers will allocate and report their overall diverse subcontractor costs (Tier II indirect). The costs should be prorated, based on a percentage of revenue method.

Quarterly Tier II reports are not required if the supplier qualifies as a WBE or MBE.

Please use the Recall 2nd Tier Reporting Form-Quarterly 2012 template when preparing your reports. Recall must receive your report by the 10th day of the month that follows the end of each quarter, as illustrated in the following table.

Reporting Period

Quarter       Report Due Dates

Q1                    4/10/2015

Q2                    7/10/2015 

Q3                   10/09/2015

Q4                    1/11/2016


Quarterly Tier II Reporting Links

1.     Download the Recall Tier II quarterly report template (Excel file)

2.     Download the instructions on completing the report (PDF file)

3.     Send your report to

4.     Contact the Supplier Diversity team with questions