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Recall Audit Reports powered by RFID Technology

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Recall Audit Reports give you an exclusive tool to better manage
the most stringent compliance and industry regulations

Recall Audit Reports powered by advanced RFID

During the past few years, companies have had to manage significant increases in industry and government regulations around how business is conducted.  This scrutiny makes it vital for companies to stay on top of their compliance and information managed program in the most cost-effective manner with regards to their records managment and retention programs. For this reason, managers responsible for records management (whether in physical or digital forms) must be able to demonstrate that their company's records are being securely managed at any point in time.

Previously, Records and IT managers have had to rely on historical and sample data provided via a traditional Inventory Report, which only captured the last recorded disposition of a file, carton or tape. The validatation of this information could only be conducted via manual audits against the data on the full inventory listing -- an expensive and resource consuming endeavor. Moreover, given the financial investment and time involved, a company could not feasibly audit 100% of its inventory making it nearly impossible for a company to validate the accuracy of its inventory disposition. Recall’s new Audit Reports , on the other hand, will revolutionize the industry.

Bridging the gap in inventory reporting, Recall has established the new standard for how managers will be able to demonstrate auditing compliance. Recall can now provide companies with the industry’s first and only comprehensive auditing solution that supports the most stringent requirements of internal and external compliance and regulatory bodies. Recall Audit Reports are powered by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology which quickly identifies and tracks items via a uniquely code “tag” that can be read from a distance without having to physically handle the carton, file or tape.

Recall Audit Reports allow you to:

  • A cost-effective validation that helps to mitigate risks associated with compliance audits
  • An accurate full inventory disposition
  • Increased efficiency associated with compliance or regulation audits
  • An assurance that your business partners are utilizing state-of-art technology to manage your document and information storage program
  • The ability to create comprehensive multiple level reports

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