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Data Protection and Data Backup

As one of the leaders in the data backup protection industry, Recall provides comprehensive solutions to customers looking to free up resources, meet recovery point and time objectives and/or store invaluable media in our highly secure, temperature-controlled vaults. Regardless of your needs, Recall provides you with a custom tailored Data Backup and Recovery Protection Program to not just meet, but exceed the needs of your business.

Safeguarding your data through viable planning is critical to keeping your business running smoothly during an unforeseen disaster or business interruption. Research shows the average cost to a company for a downtime incident, worldwide, is US$287,600 USD (Symantec, 2009). Even when companies do survive, related expenses can be astronomical and negatively impact customer satisfaction and company reputation.

Trust Recall!  An established and experienced data backup protection provider, Recall has over 20 years of experience servicing thousands of customers in North America alone.  Trust Recall with your disaster data recovery planning, backup media management, online server backup, managed recovery, secure data management and e-discovery processing today, the livelihood of your business may depend on it.

Recall’s comprehensive portfolio of data backup and recovery services may play a vital role in keeping your company in business and out of harm’s way. The task of managing the insurmountable amount of data, regardless of the complexity or format, can be daunting for any organization. Recall’s proven expertise in the industry has been instrumental in supporting and executing the business continuity  plans of Fortune 500 companies.  Recall not only prepares its customers for executing their business continuity plans, but further we keep them up and running seamlessly post-disaster.  

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